Experimenting with waking up early to work on side projects

In the past when I’ve worked on side projects it’s been primarily on nights and weekends. Between school and work, I never had time for them during the day and because I’m not much of a morning person, nights and weekends always worked better.

When my son was born about three years ago, a lot of the time that I would have put into side projects went towards trying to be a good dad to him and now also to my daughter. This led to less time during the week because after I would get done with work, I would spend time with them and after they would go to sleep, I wanted to spend time with my wife and relax. I also can’t stay up too late because I needed to get up with the kids in the morning. Similar story on weekends.

This has led to my side projects time dropping from maybe 10-15 hours/week to only 3-4 hours/week for the last several years.

Inspired by my friend and coworker Dave Martin, I’ve started experimenting with waking up early to work on side projects. Not 4am-5am like him (!), but just at 6am. That gives me 1 to 1.5 hours to focus on side projects most days. I take Saturday off and also wind up skipping some other days, but it’s probably doubled the amount of time I put into side projects to around 7-8 hours per week.

To make this work, I’ve also had to adjust my evening routine. Instead of going to bed around 10:30pm, I try to be in bed by around 9:30pm to make sure I get in 8-9 hours. I wind up watching less Netflix, but don’t feel like I’m missing anything important.

And as a side effect, I’ve found that I’m sleeping a lot better now that I’m no longer jumping straight from coding into bed a lot of nights. All too often I’d just lie there for hours waiting for problem solving mode to turn off. Now I read and it makes it much easier to fall asleep.

If you typically work on side projects at night like I did in the past, I encourage you to experiment with waking up and going to bed early for a few weeks to see how it works for you.

HelpU, a new customer service education platform by Help Scout, is now live! 🚀

Screen Shot 2017-10-13 at 2.00.12 PM.png

My teammates at Help Scout have been hard at work on a new resource called HelpU to help you and your team learn how to deliver worldclass customer service. Whether you’re a member of a large support team (hi Automattic friends!) or handle support by yourself for a small side project (hi Microconf friends!), you’ll find a ton of practical guidance in HelpU to make you even better at wowing your customers.

You’ll be able to learn how to write effective knowledge base articles, how architecture your knowledge base, how to leverage data to make you and your customers more successful, how to save time with saved replieshow to foster a customer-focused company culture, and a whole lot more.

And even if you’re not involved in customer service at all, you should visit anyway just to marvel at its beautiful design 😍.

Check it out: HelpU: Customer Service and Education by Help Scout