An Interview About My Work as a Data Analyst

I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by Simon Ouderkirk about my journey to becoming a data analyst and lessons learned along the way. You can check out a recording of the interview here:

This came about because Simon volunteered to start this interview series for the Locally Optimistic data community. And because Simon and I have worked closely together for a number of years (first when I was full time at Automattic and now as a consultant), he pinged me to see if I wanted to be a guinea pig for this first interview :).

If data and analytics interest you, I highly recommend checking out the Locally Optimistic blog and Slack community linked to above; you’ll walk away thinking a lot more deeply about data, metrics, and running an effective analytics organization. You can also follow Simon on Twitter to learn about future interviews in this series.

Timeglider Acquisition


I’ve got some big news to share today: Preceden has acquired Timeglider, one of the other big players in the online timeline maker space.

Here’s the announcement: Preceden Acquires Timeglider.

This was my first meaningful acquisition: back in December 2017 I did buy and redirect the domain for Timerime, another timeline maker tool, but the site had shut down several months prior so it was merely a matter of buying the domain. Timeglider on the other hand is an active business with paying customers, recurring revenue, IP, etc – which made this quite a bit more complicated and required lawyers and paperwork and whatnot. I learned a lot, but am also very happy it’s behind me.

Now comes excuting on it and recouping the cost in a hopefully reasonable amount of time. I’ll probably write more about the data and analytics piece of this in the future, but for now, just wanted to share the news!