ALL IN Expert

What is ALL IN Expert?

ALL IN Expert is a poker software tool that lets you make better all in decisions in no limit hold’em by showing you exactly the right times when to go all in given specific ranges and stack sizes.

Download ALL IN Expert

Download ALL IN Expert (1.5MB — Windows only)

How does it work?

With ALL IN Expert, you enter information about situation (pot size, stack size, etc), then make some estimations about your opponent’s range, and we’ll do the rest. ALL IN Expert lets you:

  • Analyze when you should to go all in
  • Make professional all in decisions without any complicated math
  • Learn about ranges, equity, and expected value
  • See results for all holecards, not just one

Whether you’re playing in a Friday night poker game or in a $100/$200 game at the Bellagio, ALL IN Expert will help you make better decisions and more money.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of situations can I solve with ALL IN Expert?

ALL IN Expert can show you what to do for any No Limit Texas Hold’em situation that is:

  1. Preflop (before the flop) all in situations
  2. You’ll probably be all in against only one opponent (true for the majority of all in situations)
  3. Your opponent puts you all in (call an all in)
  4. You want to put your opponent all in (raise all in)

How much information does it need?

You can become an ALL IN Expert in a few easy steps:

  1. Pick what you want to do: Preflop Call or Preflop Push
  2. Enter in the pot size, stack size, and how much your opponent will have to call if you go all in
  3. Estimate the possible hands your opponent can have.
  4. Finally, if you’re raising, estimate which hands he’ll call your all in with.

Thats it! We’ll do the rest.

How do I know which hands to go all in with?

After you’ve entered that information you simply click “Calculate”.

We’ll show you an all in grid for your situation, allowing you instant access to whats important to you: what hands you should go all in with. You can then explore the grid by hovering over hands you’re interested in. You’ll know exactly which hands you should go all in with.

You’ll also be able to see your:

  • Equity (Win %)
  • Expected Value (EV)
  • Return on Investment (ROI) %
  • Opponent Fold % (for Preflop Raise)

These numbers are calculated based on the numbers you provide and your opponent’s possible hands.


I am the one always in search of any edge I can get, bar cheating that is.

Today I was doing my daily routine of reading poker, watching some poker videos and I came across something called All In Expert. I had never heard of it before or seen it advertised anywhere either. I watch a video of it in action with an online pro inputting data and explaining what was going on.

Its a free piece of software that will help you out just as much as Poker Stove, which is also free.

This piece of software helps with all in positions, either shoving or calling a shove, mainly for pre flop play. You input the stack sizes involved, how much you need to call or villain needs to call, you try and put a hand range in for either yourself or villain, and this thing calculates what you move should be in pure profit terms. If you think you can call a shove with TT and it be a profitable play , check that out against various shove ranges. Is 77 a hand to shove with or call a shove with? Put in some figures and find out. It does help if you understand at least the basics of hand ranges, if you dont, it might be time for you to learn.

Its really for off table work. You can mess around with it, add or increase/decrease hand ranges and see what the outcomes are. You have been dealt AK and 3bet an early pos raiser, everyone folds and the original raiser shoves, what do you do? What is the right play? If you want to go by the pure math of EV and ROI and Equity, this will tell you what is optimal.

You can asign all kinds of different ranges. Its up to you, there are no presets. If you know someone 3bets 5% of the time, what kind of range is that? You can then asign that raise to that person if you so wish, or keep it as a preset.

I have yet to really get into it and see what it can really do, but I will and from what I have seen so far, this could be very useful indeed.

If you know anything of ICM and what that deals with, then you will understand the importance of getting these decisions right.
Google All In Expert and have a look for yourself. If you can do these calculations on the fly, you are very smart and you dont need this. If like me the math of poker is not your strongest point, then this might just help you make some more profitable decisions when you are faced with pre flop shoves.

I’ve found ALL IN Expert to be pretty good. Short-stackers three-betting really wide it’s often going to be profitable to shove any two cards against them. Just have a mess with it, I’ve found my play against short-stackers has improved quite a bit due to ALL IN Expert.

The biggest advantage is in the tool: it shows you not only if your current hand a push, call, or fold would have been, but also gives you the whole range with which you can do this

Another cool program I just recently found is called All-in-Expert. Its kind of similar to pokerstove in that it deals with ranges but its just for preflop play. You put in the amount in the current pot, the amount you have to call all-in and define your opponents range, and the software pumps out a grid of all possible hands and tells you whether you should fold or go all in with each hand and it gives you your ROI against your viillains range.

This tool has helped me a lot in dealing with those super tight shortstack players that only play premium hands. I was raising them all-in with hands like AK and JJ which was actually a mistake. The only hands I could profitably raise them with were QQ+. Even when I raised first in to 3xbb and they pushed all in for 20bb I found that calling with AK was a mistake. The better your pot odds get, the more hands you can profitably add into your calling range.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out.

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