Narrowing Down a Path

I spent a fair amount of time this weekend working my new Rails project. While I got a lot of work done, it reminded me how much work I could be doing if I actually had more time to do it. I’ve come to realize that I probably won’t be founding any HUGE startup soon. I simply don’t have time to manage anything that requires lots of time and involvement from me. I get home at 6:30 – 7 on average, which leaves little time to accomplish everything I want. 

Maybe this project will be really successful, but even if it isn’t, it should provide me with a solid foundation for more ambitious projects in the future. If by summer ’09 I can be a Ruby/Rails expert, I’ll have a lot more opportunities to do the type of things I want to do. 

Also, I’ve been blogging a lot less. Somewhat paradoxically, that’s not a sign that I’m doing less work, but a sign that I’m doing more. If there ever comes a time when I give in I’ll make sure to write about it, but I don’t expect that to happen… ever. 

For the few of you who continue to read this, thank you, and I hope you’re making progress towards your goals. 


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