12/16 Domain Pigeon Updates

Domain Pigeon is probably around 90% ready to go.

There are a few finishing touches I need to make before the first iteration is launched sometime in early January. The plan is to have a few friends test it, then ask the Philly.rb folks for feedback, then maybe HackerNews, depending on how things go.

One thing lesson learned from ALL IN Expert is that you can’t wait for a perfect product in order to launch. A better approach is to get something decent, launch, get feedback, then iterate over and over until you have a great product. If I had done that sooner with ALL IN Expert, I’d have saved myself several weeks of work because I would have realized that there wasn’t a strong market for the product I was building. Therefore, with Domain Pigeon, I’m drawing a line and not adding any new features until I get feedback on the ones I have.

There was a thread recently on HackerNews about this. Brian Lash sums it up pretty well:

Throw the launch mindset to the wind.

I think our preoccupation with a huge launch owes more to its sexiness than to its practical importance for a startup. You may catch lightning in a bottle with a launch that’s met with a ton of fanfare. But you can also build an enduring success by focusing your time and energy on sale #1, then #2, and so on.

Your odds are long one way or the next (and granted things change when you need to observe network effects to succeed) but it seems it’s almost always the better shot to build fast, iterate faster, and lean into whatever success you find along the way.

If anyone is interested in helping test out the initial version in about three weeks, please shoot me an email and we’ll go from there.

Happy holidays —

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