Git+SSH+Github+Dreamhost+Capistrano=Great Success

Right now my main priority is getting an alpha version of Domain Pigeon launched. It turns out deploying it isn’t as easy as uploading a few files like it was with PHP.

The last three days can neatly be summed up by this post’s title and for a bit of elaboration I…

– Learned how to use Github to host a repository

– Finally had a need to learn and use SSH

– Re-learned how to use Git, as I haven’t been using it nearly as much as I should have

– Learned how to use Capistrano to deploy a Rails application and how to deal with a mess load of error messages that pop up when you do things incorrectly…

Here are some good resources for anyone else looking for information on these topics:

Github’s Git Cheatsheet

Capistrano’s Getting Started Article

Deploying Rails on Dreamhost with Passenger (there are several Dreamhost/Passenger/Capistrano articles out there but this was the best and most recent)

Github’s Deploying with Capistrano’s SSH Tutorial

Unix File Permissions

Philly.rb Google Group (thanks guys for the help)

Hack for using deploy:web:disable with Passenger

Peepcode’s Capistrano Video

About sixteen hours of the command line, trouble shooting, and dozens of tutorials later, a web page miraculously appeared! (It seems so easy in hindsight)

And now comes the fun part… prepping for actual people.

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