The Importance of Following Through

[flv: 480 368]
ALL IN Expert demo on

While exploring Analytics earlier I noticed there were people reaching this site by Googling “All in Expert”. I noticed this in the past, but attributed it to the one or two 2+2 posts I made about it or to the semi-popular blog post about the lessons learned from the experience.

I did a little exploring to see if I could track down the source of the traffic. To my surprise, I found the above video (which is a bit jumpy) on Stoxpoker, a popular poker training site. The full video is 52 minutes long (the above is only 13 because its a free preview) and the speaker, James Sweeney, makes extensive use of ALL IN Expert to solve practical, everyday NL Holdem situations.

I can’t tell you how amazed and happy I was to see this. Some guy I never met was demoing a piece of software that I thought was all but forgotten. Moreoever, in the video’s followup thread, there were other members praising with the software as well:

Just wanted to say I really liked this one and thanks for the link to allin expert, what an awesome program. – hymmelsydk

Glad you liked the video! and yea…AIE is an awesome program…i used it to solidify my 3b/4b game and also play closer to perfect against SS’s. Many applications for it if you used it correctly =) – SplitSuit

Goes to show you why following through is so important.

The major mistake I made with ALL IN Expert, next to trying to create software no one was asking for, was abandoning it so quickly. When it seemed that no one wanted it, I despaired, took down the site, the started on something new (Domain Pigeon). I should have promoted it, sought feedback, iterated, and gone from there. After a few weeks and lots of feedback later, I would have been in a much better position to decide whether or not to continue with it.

Lesson learned: Don’t give up, follow through and give it time–you never know what will happen.

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