WebHostingShow.com on Domain Pigeon

omain Pigeon got some unique publicity today with a mention in the WebHostingShow, an audio show about various IT topics.

Below are my transcribed notes from about five minutes into it:

Are you searching for an available domain name, domain name provider, and more of a search tool I would say, Domain Pigeon.com will list all available domain names that they have listed so far, which you can turn around and use on your own website, if you purchase it through them.

The service is really unique and different though. Now once you visit their website you’ll be able to put your mouse over one of the domain names they have listed for additional information. The color of each domain name listed–there are hundreds of domain names to choose from– is colored coded based on availability and popularity.

Over the 12,000 domain names they have listed to pick from, with 1,000 more added each and every day and should be enough to browse through and see which ones are popular and which ones aren’t popular and which ones you may want to pick up.

Now if you sign up for a Domain Pigeon account you can effortless keep track of all the domain names you are interested in.

For anybody that likes to collect interesting domain names that you may want to use at a future date and time, Domain Pigeon.com is one resource worth checking out.

Awesome. Thank you sir.

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