Lessons Learned Article

From cazcaz.net:

Matt Mazur, the founder of a web service called Domain Pigeon which helps people to find great domain names, has written down a great article about the first 6 weeks of his startup. He mentioned about DomainPigeon’s traffic stats analysis, business model changes, marketing strategies, design elements, targeting the right audience and lots of things more. That is really an inspritional article for the ones who need some :)

After reading all the article I just want to take your consideration into a few important lines from the text as a summary:

Traffic is not as important as you think to make money

If you have a good business plan and a revenue model then you can still make money with a few hundred visitors a day. Domain Pigeon is a nice example for this, It gets only 1700 visitors per week right now, but still making enough money to stay alive.

Design of a project always comed second (except special conditions such as if you re building a DeviantArt :). Do not stick with the design, focus on the content, idea and business plan. You will solve your problems about the design, anyways. Here is the deal:

Bad idea, great design – You stop working and move on.
Bad idea, bad design – You also stop working and move on, but at least you didn’t spend all that time on the design.
Great idea, bad design – Now that you know your product is one that people want, go ahead and make it look good.
Great idea, great design – If you’re lucky or talented enough to be in this category, go after it with everything you’ve got.

Decide on your target audience very well. Make your target as nich and narrow as possible.

If you say; “I’m targeting the people who would like to register a domain” it becomes like “I’m Walmart, I target people who want to buy things.”

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