(I’m going to start going over the major projects I’ve worked on over the years.)

This project, dubbed Revolution, was my first major programming endeavor. I worked on it heavily in late 1998 and distinctly remember sending it to my friends in middle school and watching with pride as they used it to scroll massive amounts of text in random AOL chat rooms.

This was the reason I got into programming in the first place. My friend Jake sent me an AOL prog (program) and curious, I set out to learn how to build one.

The code is absolutely terrible and the only thing uglier is the design. It was a start.

Here’s some screen shots:

And here’s the menu hierarchy which shows all the exciting features:

I almost forgot about this program until I was going through some old 3.5″ disks and came upon it. I’m glad I did… I haven’t seen the words “Lagger” or “Punter” or “Fader” in many years.

Gotta love it.

2022 Update: I discuss Revolution and much more in an interview on the AOL Underground podcast.

10 thoughts on “Revolution

  1. Wow this brings me waaay and to be honest i think i remember using that prog, my nephew was asking how did i learn i told him aol progz bak in the day, well hope all is going good oh.. on a seperate note:: , if n e 1 has evr used monk-e-fade32.bad file for their old faderz i heard he died sometime last year =(.

    bring bring it bak up i miss the good old days :)

  2. i came across your site totally by mistake but MAN does it take me back, even found my profile on the archived aol-files site… what a trip man.

  3. Nostalgia overload. My first taste of programming was making AOL “proggies” and then AIM “proggies”.

    Warez sites, backdoor apps like the one by cult of the dead cow, or sub7 haha.

    I remember making a macro tool that had all the macros you could remember when I came across a database of them… Then making an RPG type game that used the dice roll for attacking and leveling up, saving your characters info to a badly encrypted text file.

  4. AOL Underground Podcast Interview about – Matt Mazur

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