A new domain name tool just launched called Wordoid.

The thing I like the most about it is how it lets you enter in a word and then it generates available domain names around that word. Domain Pigeon, on the other hand, only lets you search names that already exist on the site.

There were a few interesting mentions of Domain Pigeon in the Hacker News thread on Wordoid’s launch:

Yeah, I was a fan of http://domainpigeon.com/ for a while, but that got a bit too restricted for me (as it became more commercial), not to mention a bit unwieldy to browse through. Bookmarked!

Wow, it’s like domain pigeon only way better. Awesome.

It’s nice. It reminds me of domain pigeon, but the words it creates seem a lot more natural.

The first point is valid (visitors can’t explore a lot of the names until they sign up). The problem, in my experience, is that its very hard to make money from a site like this purely as an affiliate. Jorge, from hotnamelist.com, can attest to that fact too.

I’ve had a new feature on the todo list since the site launched that would let you do exactly that, but I’ve let a few technical hurdles stop me from implementing it.

Maybe this is the kick I need to get around to doing it.

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