Confessions of a Bot Runner Article

Check out this article, which is a pretty in-depth analysis of my poker botting activities based on what I’ve written here, my 2+2 posts, HackerNews comments, and more.


  • Matt played HU SNGs on pokerstars part-time in 2006 and 2007. He seemed to have a fair success. He kept a blog in 2006 which is now archived on his website. He was playing the 50s and 100s and taking looks at the 200 level, playing under the pokerstars name ‘kaon’. The blog stops in December, 2006. He states in the introduction that this is because he had started working on his poker bot project.
  • Matt posted on 2+2 under the name nichomacheo. You can see his profile and posts on the archive server and on the current server. He is still posting strategy up until late 2008.
  • He started posting his blog again in July 2007, a new domain. It was to log his return to HU SNGs playing on FTP. This was half way through his time running a pokerbot on stars (from screenshots, the the bot appears to have Full Tilt support). The blog only lasted 4 posts.

This was written by a professional poker player who goes by the name Hood who has “never written a bot … and advocate the strongest punishments for those who do

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