Lean Designs, the HTML5 mockup tool I’ve been working on, is now jMockups due to trademark issues with “Lean Designs”. It’s coming along incredibly well and I expect to launch the alpha version in two to three weeks.

If you’re interested in helping test it when its ready, add your email to the mailing list on the homepage.


Here’s my daily AccountableTo report:

What did you work on today?

* Improved the code that displays the toolbar when you select an element
— Only show common groups of attributes when multiple elements are selected. For example, a text box might have font and border attributes. A picture wouldn’t have font attributes, but it would have a border. When you select both, the toolbar now only shows the common attributes (border in this example).
— Also, if the element shares common values for a specific attribute (both border widths are 3px), the toolbar defaults to that value. If they are different, it doesn’t display a value for that attribute.
— Changed the default toolbar positioning for selected objects. This has been a bit tricky. For example, you can say by default to show the toolbar to the left of a selected element, but what if that causes it to extend beyond the right border of the screen? You say, OK, then show it to the left of the element. OK, but what if the element spans the width of the screen? You get the idea–the new algorithm works fairly well, but will likely change as I get feedback from actual users.
— You can now reposition the toolbar by dragging it around the screen. jMockups will also remember where you dropped it so when you select that element again, the toolbar will reappear in the same position. The position is also saved when you save the mockup so when you reload the page it remembers where it should appear.

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