Nothing beats Dash for quickly checking dev documentation

Dash is an incredibly useful Mac app that I’d highly recommend all developers check out. It lets you instantly search developer documentation (devdocs) straight from your computer:


You can configure it to check only the devdocs you use on a regular basis. For example, I have Dash configured to search the devdocs for SaaS, Rails 4, jQuery, HTML, jQuery UI, PHP, MySQL, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby, WordPress, Node.js, Lo-Dash, R, and D3.js. It supports over 150+ sets of documentation and also lets you generate your own. Dash also keeps the documentation automatically up to date as it changes.

If you want to constrain your search to a specific set of devdocs, you can prefix your search such as ruby:gsub and it will only check the Ruby docs.

I also set Cmd+Shift+D to load Dash so that I can pull it up while I’m coding, perform a search, and Alt+Tab back to Sublime without ever touching the mouse.

It’s free to try and $24.99 to buy. Give it a shot and rejoice that you’ll never again have to Google for documentation.

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