My Daily Schedule

I love learning about other people’s daily schedules because it often helps me improve my own. With that in mind, here’s what my typical weekday looks like these days:

7am/8am – I wake up when my 14-month old son Mason wakes up and starts complaining. I experimented with waking up at 6am for the first two weeks of January, but really don’t like getting up earlier than I have to so it didn’t last. My wife is 8 months pregnant so I try to let her sleep in.

 7:30am – 8:30am/9am – Take care of Mason, make breakfast, shower.

9am – 12pm – Work. At Automattic we all work remotely so I’m very fortunate not to have a commute. One day a week I cowork at Canvs in Orlando. Some days I work from local coffee shops, mainly Starbucks. I have 2 to 3 meetings per week (via Zoom or Google Hangouts) all of which usually last less than an hour. Most of the time I’m reading about other things going on at Automattic, participating in discussions relating to whatever I’m working on, or coding.

12pm – 1pm – These days, I take an hour midday to eat lunch (a salad), stretch (via the Yoga Studio app), meditate (via the Calm app), and watch a TED talk (on Netflix).

1pm – 4pm/5pm – Work. Some days I hit the gym around 4pm, but most days I work until around 4:30pm or 5pm.

5pm – 9pm/9:30pm – Family time.

9pm/9:30pm – 10:30pm/11pm – Some mix of reading, side projects, straightening up the house, and TV before heading to bed.

Not every day as structured as this might make it seem, but this is a pretty good approximation for how my weekdays go.

Our second kid is due in mid-March… it will be interesting to see how all of this changes after he or she arrives 🍼.

If you’re open to sharing your schedule, please drop me an email or message me on Slack. Maybe we can get a few ideas from each other to experiment with in our own schedules.

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