Anyone interested in collaborating on an A/B test simulator?

I recently started working on a small side project to build an A/B test simulator. My goal is to measure the long term conversion rate impact of different approaches such as:

  • What impact do various significance levels (90%, 95%, 99%) have?
  • Is it better to run more shorter tests with less statistical significance or fewer longer tests with more statistical significance?
  • What’s the best strategy if your site does not receive a lot of traffic?

I have a preliminary script, but there’s still a lot of work to be done and I’d love to collaborate with somebody on it going forward. I think the results will run contrary to a lot of the current A/B test best practices and they could have a big impact on how people run tests in the future.

If you have experience running A/B tests, a stats background, or familiarity with Ruby, those skills will come in handy but they’re not required.

Drop me a note if you’re interested in working together on it.

2 thoughts on “Anyone interested in collaborating on an A/B test simulator?

  1. Nice project. If I can lend a hand let me know :)

    Consider asking an even more fundamental question too: is significance even the best way to measure test accuracy? What alternatives could be used that might produce a paradigm change in this space?

    (Not because there is likely to be an answer, but because if you find one you will change the world)

  2. A/B Test Simulator v1 – Matt Mazur

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