Reviving the ALL IN Expert Archive


A few months ago while switching servers the archive for ALL IN Expert, a poker calculator that I built in 2008, went offline. Despite receiving several emails a month from folks looking to download it, I’ve been procrastinating putting it back online.

Without further adieu, here is the ALL IN Expert archive complete with guides and a download link.

ALL IN Expert on Russian Poker Blog

ALL IN Expert, a poker equity calculator that I worked on back in 2008, still brings in a steady stream of traffic to this site.

I just ran across a post title “How do defend against shortstackers once and for all” from a Russian poker blog on how to defend against shortstackers (click here for the translation) which demos ALL IN Expert with a series of screenshots.

While ALL IN Expert never took off like I had hoped, I’m happy that people are still writing about it and finding it useful.

ALL IN Expert on German Poker Strategy Forum

ALL IN Expert continues to bring in a steady stream of traffic to this blog and to the ALL IN Expert archive hosted here.

The latest discussion is on a Germany poker strategy forum,


The biggest advantage is in the tool: it shows you not only if your current hand a push, call, or fold would have been, but also gives you the whole range with which you can do this

You can check out the full translation here.

Good stuff.

ALL IN Expert on

Pardon me if it seems like I’m bragging–it’s just that I had pretty given up on ALL IN Expert so it’s really a pleasure to finally see it being discussed.

From PokerStrategyForums:

Another cool program I just recently found is called All-in-Expert. Its kind of similar to pokerstove in that it deals with ranges but its just for preflop play. You put in the amount in the current pot, the amount you have to call all-in and define your opponents range, and the software pumps out a grid of all possible hands and tells you whether you should fold or go all in with each hand and it gives you your ROI against your viillains range.

This tool has helped me a lot in dealing with those super tight shortstack players that only play premium hands. I was raising them all-in with hands like AK and JJ which was actually a mistake. The only hands I could profitably raise them with were QQ+. Even when I raised first in to 3xbb and they pushed all in for 20bb I found that calling with AK was a mistake. The better your pot odds get, the more hands you can profitably add into your calling range.