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Late this afternoon a second article appeared on by Ruban Ricart.

Heard of Domain Pigeon?

If you would’ve bought a domain name ten years ago and then tried to buy one today you would quickly realize that the task of finding a good quality one has become quite tough – the competition has increased and as you may know tons of domain name searching services & tools have popped up over time to help us domain buying fiends find some of the remaining good quality ones that someone forgot to renew or purposefully got rid off.

I was browsing the web and found one that called my attention, its called “Domain Pigeon” and they track domains that are still available for purchase. In addition to tracking them they make sure to index them in a manner that allows us to sort them by: Top Ten,Date, Alphabetical Order, Favorites, and domain length.

You may be wondering, so what? I use xyz service for my domain name research and others may be saying that they go to the “GoDaddy’s” and “1and1’s” of the world for their domain purchases but thats because they dont know about the juicy features of “Domain Pigeon”.  How would you feel if I were to tell you that during your domain name research you could now be aware of how many folks have shown some type of interest towards a specific domain?

When you visit Domain Pigeon, you’ll see what I mean – the most popular available or unregistered domains will have a darker background shade and like “Digg”  or other social bookmarking tools -the most popular will be bumped up to the top of the list while the ones that have been recently registered will be displayed with a “Pink Font” on the side bar of their site.

What’s even more interesting is the actual cost of the membership, – you can have access to all of these research features  for a measly one time fee of $14.95 and to encourage registration, DomainPigeon will grant access to registered users to a larger list of domain names which translates to approximately 5,000 additional and once again COOL & UNREGISTERED domains.

In all the glory of Domain Pigeon I do see a couple of disadvantages, one being that they dont actually offer a “Domain Purchasing Service” so its purpose is really for availability, inspiration and research; then you can go back to your “GoDaddy’s” for your actual purpose.

The second disadvantage I observed was the fact that while you’re searching other users have access to the domains your searching for so if you tap into an interesting and one of a kind domain, you better act quickly because Bob or John from Canada caught a whiff of the domain and may end up purchasing it before you….at the end of the day its a double edge sword but I think the benefits of research surpass the disadvantages.


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