Small then Large

Yesterday I had a whole list of things I wanted to work on, but, I ran into a bit of misfortune that postponed the work for a day.

While trying to install MySQL on my Macbook, I accidentally ran a nasty chmod command which messed up all the permissions on the critical system files. I spent most of the day troubleshooting and eventually reinstalling the OS. I didn’t lose any critical files, but I did have to reinstall a bunch of important gems and system tools in order to get back up to speed for Domain Pigeon updates.

My Domain Pigeon todo list is about three dozen things at the moment and I’ve been trying to figure a way to prioritize them. Do I make small improvements to what already exists or starting adding more useful features? For now, I’m going to make a bunch of the small fixes which I think will go a long way. Once they’re all in place and I’m satisfied with how things are, I’ll start adding more features.

I’ll post updates throughout the day on Domain Pigeon’s progress.

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