Domain Pigeon Homepage Updates

Bunch of changes on the homepage:

Few things to notice:

  • Domains are no longer unregistered; they are available
  • No more Legend (combined it with How it Works)
  • Moved How it Works up to the top, moved In the News down
  • Moved the sign in area to a horizontal bar below the logo
  • Added a quote from Killer Domains (not shown)
  • Removed the gray gradient background and replaced it with a solid gray background
  • Added a simple blog so that I can update visitors as to what’s going on (no comments yet–I’m worried about spam and don’t want to take the time right now to integrate Akismet into it

Overall, I’m happy about the progress, but these are not changes I want to show off. They’re missing something… quality?

I moved the sign in to the top to try to free up some real estate on the side columns, but I fear it looks somewhat tacky now. I may wind up just adding a link to “Sign In” that directs people to a seperate form.  I just don’t see a beautiful way to add it all.

I am happy to say that Domain Pigeon is at 39 registered domain names. Again, I’m holding off on the heavy promotion until I’ve improved a few more things. Notably, the site needs built in credit card processing. The number of people that are following through when prompted with the Paypal link is abysmal. More on payment processing numbers in another post…

It’s hard to believe the site launched less than a week ago.  Things are going very well so far, but the race is long.

The next few days are going to be spent on improving the site as it currently stands:

1) Adjustments with a focus on usability, simplicity, and good design

2) Payment processing with Active Merchant

3) Figure out what I’m going to do with the blog on the site

So, I added a blog to the site. Great. Now what? I write about Domain Pigeon’s development on here, what am I supposed to put on there? Small updates? If so, I shouldn’t really call it a blog. It should be called and updates log, or something. Blog implies lots of content. But, I also want lots of content for SEO benefits. I don’t know. Need to mull over it…

Late night edit: The more I look at it, the move I’m convinced it needs to be redesigned.

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