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You’ve done the market research. You’ve built the killer app. Now, all you need is a decent domain name. Preferably a .com. Why? Because the iPhone doesn’t have a .net button, for one thing. But finding something short and memorable can be difficult at best. Enter Domain Pigeon, a domain search service that eschews one-at-a-time searches by allowing you to thumb through a laundry list of available domains – including the five-letter .com domains that are still available.

We’ve used a number of domain name searches, and Domain Pigeon’s approach is among the best we’ve seen. It’s simple and straightforward. Best of all, you get to see extensive lists of available domains all at once. But there’s one catch: you can’t buy a domain there.

Ironically, it’s the fact that you can’t buy domain names that makes Domain Pigeon so nice to use. Traditional domain services actually restrict your ability to research names by showing you a few domains at a time based on your searches. Why? For a very simple reason: once you search and find a domain, you’re more likely to buy one for fear of losing it.

But because Domain Pigeon is passing you through to another service – and picking up an affiliate kickback – there’s no harm in showing you everything at once. You get the freedom to look at a wide variety of domains and, should you decide to buy, Domain Pigeon still sees revenue. Win, win.

domainpigeonscreen.jpgBut don’t think all of the pressure is off. Domain Pigeon still does a nice job of motivating you to purchase by showing you how many other people are currently interested in that domain name. For example, 16 people are currently interested in purchasing, so if you were building illpe, you might want to hurry.

The next time you’re still looking for that perfect domain name, try Domain Pigeon. At the very least, it will spark some ideas. At best, you may walk away with the perfect – albeit unintelligible – .com name for your new venture.

We’re looking forward to reviewing reakd, tchdo, ofgar, ainxx, and rpayi in the not too distant future.

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