More Updates

The news:

Domains are now added once per day instead of throughout the day like it has been for the last several days. Doing it this way will let me emphasize the daily additions as well as result in a more colorful homepage, since more people will be able to explore the same set of domains throughout the day.

I’m on the east coast. Most techies are on the west coast. 2PM EST = 11AM PST, which seems like a good middle ground.

On a less significant note, I changed the fonts and colors of the domain count and the countdown timer. It looks better now, but I think it could still use some work.

Coming along…

One thought on “More Updates

  1. Site is looking great.

    >> Most techies are on the west coast
    Is your web traffic mostly US, or are you seeing other countries, too?

    — Jorge.

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