Post Launch Traffic != Success

Preceden’s going through its post-launch press phase at the moment and even though I know its fleeting, it’s still absolutely thrilling.

It started when I submitted Preceden to KillerStartups, a year to the day (coincidentally) after they covered Domain Pigeon. The only difference this time around is that I submitted Preceden to them, whereas they reviewed Domain Pigeon on their own.

Here’s the rollup:

Very cool.

The mistake I made with Domain Pigeon, and that I find myself wanting to make with Preceden, is equating this initial traffic with success. The trick is realizing that a lot of the visitors were early adopters who found Preceden through technology news websites. These visitors are, by their nature, not long term users, which is really what you need if you are going to have a successful web app.

That being said, a nontrivial fraction of the tweets about Preceden have been by teachers, which is an excellent sign that there is an audience beyond the early adopters. Usage of the site also makes me optimistic, but I’ll save that for another post.

Time will tell (pun intended).

PS: Check out Preceden’s Precden timeline if you found this post interesting.

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