AOL-Files Head Nod

I love running into folks that remember AOL-Files:

To be honest, my Dad gets the nod for buying me a VB book that included VB5 back in 5th grade (1997). But, I’ll have to say that you (with that site) and this guy named “Oogle” inspired me with the “hacker” curiosity by about 6th grade. In this case it was all black-hat though =)

From a HacherNews post about how folks got started in programming.

Good times.

3 thoughts on “AOL-Files Head Nod

  1. u = ?

    Same here. Oogle & Rampage Toolz Lmao! Was quickly on my way to phishing and subsequently scrolling/osw wars/punting… Anything I could do.

    If you were inspired by Oogle, did you hang out in pr Rampage at all? LOL, so many fond memories of that place & vb & pp :-)

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