The Universal Singularity

A good friend of mine, David Mangold, recently started an excellent blog called The Universal Singularity, which covers topics ranging from the implications of the discovery of water around carbon stars to ongoing efforts to build subaqueous human colonies.

Here’s a quote from his going series on his philosophy of existence:

“Cosmic evolution”, “biological evolution”, and “technological evolution” are not separate processes, but one in the same. This is central to the theory of Universal Singularity. While we necessarily create categories in the observed world to assist us in understanding it, they have little intrinsic meaning. Was there a fixed time at which cosmic evolution gave way to biological evolution? Or a time when suddenly biological evolution was replaced with technology? Of course not. Rather, the whole process is a continuum, a gradually changing system that tends to create pockets of ever greater organization and complexity. We humans, like the rest of the Universe, are the result of this process. Actually, “result” is the wrong word. We are this process. We are small bits of the Universe that through this process have gained a level of awareness that allows us to question our origins and our fate.

You can read more on his blog here.

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