The Drink Well December Challenge


One thing I’d love to give up forever is unhealthy drinks. Between iced coffees from Dunkin Donuts, chai tea lattes from Starbucks, Diet Dr Peppers, and similar deliciously unhealthy drinks, I probably have about one per day. Not good.

In an attempt to remedy that, I’m going to try a little challenge in December where my goal is not to have any of those things for the entire month.

In order to hold myself accountable, I’d like to make you all an offer (that is, all ~5 of you who read this blog 😃): if you hit Like on this post or add a comment, I’ll PayPal you $20 if I fail the challenge. 

I could cheat of course and you’d never know, but I won’t.

Wish me luck! Or don’t, depending on how badly you want that $20….

5 thoughts on “The Drink Well December Challenge

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