My iPhone Homescreen


In order:

  • Messages
  • Clock
  • Workflowy – for taking and referencing notes
  • Camera+ – for taking fancy photos
  • Photos
  • Google Calendar – for managing my calendar
  • HackerNews – I use this one by Dharmesh Patel mainly because it supports collapsing nested comments
  • Pandora – for music
  • Google Maps – for not getting lost
  • iReddit – for wasting time
  • Facebook
  • Instagram – for sharing photos of random things
  • Settings
  • 1Password – for managing passwords
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Feedly – for catching up on blogs that I follow
  • Overcast – for listening to The Tim Ferriss Podcast
  • Orangetheory – for scheduling classes at my gym
  • Product Hunt – for learning about new product launches
  • – I’ll probably move this off soon because despite repeated attempts to stick to it, I never do. (It’s a service that lets you build and track daily habits.)
  • Phone
  • GMail
  • Safari
  • Music

If you have any recommendations for better alternatives to any of these please drop me a note.

6 thoughts on “My iPhone Homescreen

    • Haha, I feel like I use it often enough to warrant having it on the homescreen. I’ll experiment with moving it to see if I really do use it as often as I think…

  1. I really like streaks for building habits. It forces you to focus on just four and it lets you choose the frequency. I like the reports. Also it’s a good reference thru the day. I love when I graduate a task and add a new one. It happens rarely but steadily.

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