How I Use TextExpander

One of my favorite Mac apps is TextExpander, a toolthat saves you time by enabling you to create shortcuts for things you type frequently.

For example, here are the shortcuts I use on a regular basis:

  • Typing mm@ expands to my email address,

  • Typing vcc expands to my Visa credit card number.

  • Typing stcc expands to a Stripe test credit card number, 4242424242424242.

  • Typing jscc expands into a JSDoc template:

 * Description
 * @param {Object} var - Description
 * @returns {Boolean} Description
  • Typing wpcc expands into a PHPDoc template:
 * Description
 * @param int|string $var Description
 * @return bool Description
  • And last but not least, ---> expands into because using ASCII arrows makes you look like a badass hacker, obviously.

Give it a shot if you’re not already using it. There’s a free trial and you can purchase the full version for $44.95.

If you have any recommendations for other useful productivity tools like TextExpander, I’d love to check them out. Thanks!

5 thoughts on “How I Use TextExpander

  1. My most used TextExpander shortcuts:

    myaddr => my street address
    myfulladdr => my full address with city, state, zip
    pops => popthestack
    rywa => ryanware email address
    pts => gmail email address
    ;shrug => ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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