What’s Up

It’s been a while since I’ve written on this blog, so wanted to take a break from my normal routine to say hi to you long-term readers and share a few updates about what’s going on in my world.

Work-wise, I’m very fortunate to not have been heavily impacted by Covid so far. I’m still consulting with Help Scout where I oversee their analytics and business intelligence efforts. I had been consulting with Automattic as well, but left earlier this year to focus more on growing Preceden, my long-running timeline maker tool. After a few months though I had knocked out most of my big todo list items for Preceden, so started looking for something new to work on and decided to I wanted to learn machine learning. My goal at the moment is to find some valuable ways to apply machine learning to help grow Preceden and Help Scout.

These days, my mornings are mostly spent getting better at machine learning through a combination of courses on DataCamp, books, and projects. Preceden is on the backburner, though I do spend some time each week working on support and fixing occasional bugs. My afternoons are spent with Help Scout where I spend a lot of time using dbt and Looker to help the team gain insights though data.

Family-wise, we moved from Florida to North Carolina last summer and we’ve been very happy with the move. My kids are 5, 4, and 2 now and keep my wife and I very busy.

Health-wise, I’ve been experimenting with high-intesnsity interval training (HIIT) workouts on YouTube which I enjoy beause they’re short but also get you sweating a lot. Most benefits I get from those are negated by a suboptimal diet though (Chick Fil A and Dunkin Donuts are so good…).

I recently finished Ozark on Netflix and highly recommend it, especially if you enjoyed shows like Breaking Bad or Narcos.

I also usually play one, sometimes two online poker tournaments with friends each week – if you’re interested in joining shoot me an email.

I’ll try not to let a year go between blog posts in the future, but no promises 😁.

Hope everything is going as well with you all.

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