Friday Updates: More GPT-3 Experiments, ML Courses Completed, Kaggle, Keane, and Picard

What I’m working on at Help Scout

I’m still experimenting with applications of GPT-3, specifically around reducing the amount of time it takes for a user to respond to a support email. While GPT-3 is fascinating, its complete lack of knowledge about Help Scout means it’s probably not going to be that useful for this purpose. We’ll see though.

Building a proof of concept for this has had me diving into Tampermonkey, a Chrome extension that lets you write custom JavaScript files that can be automatically run on certain webpages. For example, automatically adding a download button to all YouTube pages. These custom scripts (“user scripts”) can be shared too. This will enable me to quickly prototype ML tools for Help Scout’s support team to try within the product without going through engineering which would take a lot more time.

What I’m studying

Finally wrapped up DataCamp’s machine learning track!

I wound up exceeding my goal of 1 course/week towards the end because I really wanted to finish and start applying what I’ve learned.

The next day I headed to Kaggle and started on their old House Prices competition. The goal is to take a bunch (80!) data points about a house that sold and try to create a machine learning model that accurately predicts its sale price. There have been about 4.8k teams that have competed and my goal is to keep working on it until I hit top 5% or about top ~240. After about 6 hours of working on it, I broke through top 2000, so making progress but still have a ways to go. I’m learning a lot though and arguably should have been doing more of this sooner vs spending most of my time doing courses.

What I’m listening to

Love Too Much by Keane:

Every now and then I hear a song and wind up listening to it over and over again for weeks. This is one of those. The whole album, Cause and Effect, is excellent.

What I’m watching

Just wrapped up watching Picard on CBS All Access:

It’s probably my favorite Star Trek series after The Next Generation.

Between this and Raised by Wolves though, I’ve watched enough android television series to last me a while.

Hope everyone is doing well 👋.

One thought on “Friday Updates: More GPT-3 Experiments, ML Courses Completed, Kaggle, Keane, and Picard

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