Friday Updates: Logo Support, Pricing Updates, Complexity Book, Coming 2 America

Photo by Rohan

What I’m working on at Preceden

Upload your own logo

A frequent customer support request is adding a way for users to upload their own logo so it can be included when they share their timeline with others. With some work this week, that’s now possible.

It had been a long time since I did any feature work in Preceden so it felt really good to dive back into it this week.

Updated pricing

What’s a Friday Update without something about me updating Preceden’s pricing?

In February I switched the pricing from a $29/$69/$129 per year plans to $29/$99/$199 per year. It’s hard to draw conclusive results from the outcome (I didn’t A/B test it, and even if I did there’s not enough conversions to get significance in a reasonable amount of time), but my impression was that the newer prices were too high and overall it was hurting sales. And so I launched a new set of plans with prices in between the prior ones at $29/$79/$149 per year.

The new upload-your-own-logo feature is limited to the Professional plan as a way to make that plan more appealing (and people using Preceden for school or personal use probably don’t need it anyway).

Pricing is hard.

What I’m reading

Complexity: A Guided Tour by Melanie Mitchell:

I’ve been interested in emergence for a long time so this book is right up my alley. It makes me want to resume Emergent Mind projects… but we will see. Not enough time in the day for everything.

What I’m watching

Coming 2 America on Amazon Prime:

Be well my friends.

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