Friday Updates: Search & Filter, Jupiter’s Legacy, William Green, Gratitude Journaling


Big update from the last two weeks was shipping a search & filter feature on Preceden:

Hat-tip to Milan for the excellent UI work on the search field.

Also did some more performance work that has had noticeable improvements:

Including realizing that jQuery has been loading unminified for years (damn):

I’ve been going pretty hard on product work the last two months and probably should start putting more marketing work (or at least hiring a contractor who can help there), but for now I’m still excited about the product roadmap and will be focusing on it for a while.

Help Scout

This month we hired a new data lead and I’ve been busy bringing him up to speed on all things data at Help Scout. The training is all somewhat rushed because my wife and I have a baby due at the end of May (in 8 days!) and I’m going to take about a month off and want to make sure the new lead is set up for success before I head out.


Jupiter’s Legacy on Netflix – not bad.


Richer, Wiser, Happier by William Green:

The author is a journalist who has interviewed dozens of incredibly successful investors over his career. He compiled a lot of their key investing and life advice into this fantastic book.

I’m more of an index fund kind of guy myself, but I’ve really enjoyed reading about how these folks think about investing, bubbles, long term thinking, volatility, quality, and a lot more.


Gratitude Journal – every night before bed for the last few weeks I write 3 things I’m grateful for in a small moleskin notebook that I keep on my bedside table. I’ve experimented with gratitude journaling in the past using the 5 Minute Journal but I didn’t like the format of the 5 Minute Journal and wound up abandoning it (daily affirmations, ugh). Now I’m just doing the gratitude journaling and have seen a noticeable improvement in my baseline happiness level. My entries are not super deep or anything, but do serve as a good reminder that I have a lot to be grateful for.

Some samples:

  • Grateful that Mason (my oldest) is curious about everything
  • Grateful for the chirping birds outside every morning
  • Grateful for the time spent reading to the kids every night
  • Grateful for a warm bed
  • Grateful for lazy Sundays at home
  • Grateful for working with Eli at Help Scout

Writing a few of these each each day will start training your mind to start noticing them during the day which is an easy way to improve your mood and be more grateful for what you have.

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