Nick Kolenda Reviews Preceden

Nick Kolenda is an author, teacher, and consultant who specializes in the psychology of marketing and related topics like pricing optimization, sales psychology, and website behavior. He’s also happens to be a regular in a poker game I host each week.

A few months back he mentioned that he was starting a new business to provide psychology-focused website reviews. With his large 50k+ mailing list audience and 13k+ YouTube subscribers he frequently gets asked to do these type of reviews and so turning it into a business made a lot of sense.

And so when he graciously offered for Preceden, my timeline maker software, to be his first review, I jumped at the opportunity.

Today he’s officially launching his business and with it his review of Preceden:

I highly recommend checking out the video: it’s packed with optimization insights covering the marketing copy, the design, the presentation of the example timelines, and more, all of which will help you see your own site in a new light. Even if you don’t have a site of your own, the review is worth watching anyway just to marvel at its production quality and Nick’s unique style.

If you’re interested in having Nick performa similar review for your site and having it shared with his audience, you can read more about the various services he offers on the Submit Your Business section of his site. And if you want to see more reviews like this one, you can subscribe to his mailing list.

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