LearnGPT is for sale. Contact me if you’re interested.

On Friday I announced that I intended to shut down LearnGPT to focus on Preceden, my main business. I didn’t plan to sell LearnGPT because I didn’t think a month-old, pre-revenue project like this would be able to sell for enough to warrant going through a sale.

It’s been three days and to my great surprise, I’ve had 9 people reach out about taking over and/or buying LearnGPT and that’s without me even saying it was for sale.

Given all of the interest, it does make sense to sell it and find a new owner who can take it to the next level, which I’m thrilled about.

If you think you might be a good fit and want to learn more, email me at matthew.h.mazur@gmail.com and I’ll send you a document with additional information to help you decide whether or not to make an offer.

A few key points that might save some back and forth:

  • The site is built with Ruby on Rails so you’ll either need to be a Rails developer or have access to one
  • I’m accepting offers until end of Friday, January 20th, then will pick someone to move forward with based on the offer amount and how good of a fit it is
  • Minimum offer is $5k
  • I’m looking to close the deal quickly, ideally completing the sale, transferring the assets, and completing training by the end of next Friday, January 27th

If you check all of these boxes, drop me a note and I’ll send you the additional information.


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