Indie Hacking Week 2 Recap – TimelineGPT Progress, LearnGPT Decision Time

For Martin Luther King weekend my family and I headed to Boone, North Carolina and stayed in a cabin for a few days. We went snow tubing at Beech Mountain while we were there, one of the many ski resorts in the area.

As is common on vacations, I spent way too much time thinking about work. But on the bright side, at least now I’m thinking solely about my own projects and not contract work as well ๐Ÿ˜….

TimelineGPT Progress

TimelineGPT – the name of the AI content generation feature I’m working on for Preceden – is coming along well:

My tasks this week included:

  • Moving the actual content generation to a delayed job because it can often take 20+ seconds and I don’t want to tie up Heroku dynos or have the request timeout while the user is waiting
  • Lots more work to parse the myriad of date formats that GPT returns
  • UI work with Milan, Preceden’s designer, including figuring out where the place the buttons, managing their states (like disabling them when appropriate), etc
  • Giving users a way to bulk delete all AI suggestions they’ve previously added to their timeline
  • Handling the UX for users on the free plan who are limited to 10 events per timeline

Lots more to to do though including:

  • Rate limits (per user, and overall) to avoid bad actors racking up excessive OpenAI fees for me
  • Better duplicate identification so if the user already has the same event on their timeline, this tool doesn’t recommend they add it again
  • Giving users a way to choose which layer they want the suggestions added to

Coming along well, but probably another week or two of work before it’s live.

LearnGPT Decision Time

Earlier this week I announced that LearnGPT was for sale. I’ve received 2 offers so far and the deadline to get an offer in is the end of today. At that point I’ll have some big decisions to make: sell it or keep it, and if I decide to keep it, what does its future look like? We will see.

I would not recommend entrepreneurship to anyone who doesn’t want to face a never-ending series of hard decisions.

Adios for now ๐Ÿ‘‹.

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