Domain Pigeon Title

Yesterday I received a helpful email from a fellow developer, who suggested that I change Domain Pigeon’s header:

In regards to the text in domain pigeon’s header

Domain Pigeon helps you find unregistered domain names for your websites”

is far superior to

Domain Pigeon helps you find an unregistered domain name for your websites”

First, the former reads better and as a bonus it implies registering multiple domains through your service.  The biggest difference though is that the former implies that your service is more useful (you can help me find MULTIPLE domains, wow) whereas the latter gives the impression “oh, you can just get me ONE domain name, boo”.

The original reason I had it in the single form as opposed to the plural form (“domains”) is that I thought it would be clearer to first time domain buyers who might wonder “Multiple domains? This doesn’t apply to me.”

That’s faulty thinking for two reasons:

1) People will understand that they can pick just one

2) Domain collectors will eventually make up a large proportion of Domain Pigeon’s visitors, so why not gear the header towards them.

It’s also much smoother. Good suggestion:

(+EV means Positive Expected Value, a term often used in poker parlance to describe profitable decisions. I’ll be overlaying it on screenshots in the future to indicate what are hopefully profitable changes to the site.)

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